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Export from Denmark

Denmark produces a wide range of high quality products that are worth exporting to other countries.

Making money in Denmark by exporting products from Denmark is a great opportunity for everyone, but specially for the foreigners living in Denmark. Because with their foreign cultural background they can detect potential high selling export Danish products or services that the Danes cannot. They can start exporting products from Denmark to their own home countries. Products that they know  well because they use them in Denmark. And they also have the right contacts in their home countries to have a solid supply chain.

Some popular and high quality Danish products that are constantly being demanded worldwide and with which you could start with are for example: the Danish designed products for the homes, the Danish designed furniture, the Danish designed jewelry, the Danish designed clothes and the Danish designed fashion accessories.

A rather famous style of design worldwide is the "Danish Post-modern design," and is easy to identify by its polished, aesthetic look with high functionality (a good example of these designed export products from Denmark are the ones produced by the Danish company: Bang & Olufsen).

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You could start making money in Denmark by:
  1. Exporting from Denmark to other countries your own products or,
  2. By exporting from Denmark to other countries products made in Denmark by other people/companies.
If you choose the second option of export of the ones mentioned above, then you will be an export merchant. In other words you will be a free agent.

You don't need to have an specific client base, and you don't need to specialize in any one industry or line of products. Instead, you will purchase the made in Denmark goods directly from Denmark and then pack, ship and resell the goods on by yourself.

You could also become a commissioned agent or broker. This is the easiest way to get started and because you are not purchasing, warehousing, or reselling products, this is also the method that requires the least amount of capital. When you work as a broker or agent, you will put a buyer and seller together, negotiate and navigate the transaction, and collect a commission. 

Example 1 of export from Denmark: Raj meets with the purchaser manager of a large chain of stores in India of designed lamps.  The Indian purchaser manager is looking to buy designed lamps made in Denmark or made in other of the Scandinavian countries.  Raj locates a Danish manufacturer of Danish designed lamps that will sell Danish designed lamps for 120.00 euros, including all fees, with a minimum order of 300 units.  Raj orders a sample of the Danish designed lamps and goes back to the buyer to show him the product.  The buyer wishes to purchase the product - Raj quotes him a price of 145.00 euros per unit for 300 units.  The buyer orders the 300 Danish designed lamps.  With a profit of 25.00 euros per unit, at 300 units,  Raj earns a total commission of 7500.00 euros.

Example 2 of export from Denmark: Laura approaches an owner of a chain of supermarkets in the US with a sample of high quality tinned fish food from a supplier in Denmark.  The buyer is interested in selling a private label of the tinned fish food under the name of his supermarkets.  Laura locates the tinned fish food supplier in Denmark.  The supplier will package the product with the private label for a small extra fee.  The price per unit is 5.00 euros, including fees.  Laura presents a price of 6.00 euros to the buyer, who purchases 1000 units.  Laura's profit is 1.00 euro per unit, at 1000 units, her total commission is 1000.00 euros.

As you can see, the amount of the commission will vary depending upon the product, profit margin of the item, and volume.

Export from Denmark products like these ones if you want to export from Denmark in a big scale:
  • Airports Technology
  • Cruise and Ferry Technology
  • Fish Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Health Technology
  • Marine Technology
  • Mining Technology
  • Offshore Energy Technology
  • Railway Technology
  • Renewable energy Technology
  • Water Technology
  • Wind Energy Technology
Here are some other areas that Denmark is also very good at Exporting from Denmark:

Denmark's farmers produce products such as butter, cheese, bacon, and ham. In addition to agriculture, Denmark also exports beer, medicines, beautifully designed furniture, designed jewelry, silver, porcelain products, ships, diesel engines, fish food, advanced metal industry goods, and Lego.

Among major Danish exports to the U.S. are industrial machinery, chemical products, furniture, pharmaceuticals, Lego and canned ham and pork.

Export from Denmark to different countries:

Denmark is an innovative, open and robust economy highly dependant on international trade.
  • The US is Denmark's largest non-European trading partner, accounting for around 5% of total Danish merchandise exports.
  • Trade with other EU countries accounts for almost 70% of Denmark exports.
  • Germany is Denmark’s most important trading partner.
  • The UK and Denmark have a strong and friendly trading relationship. Overall trade in both directions is worth approximately £4 billion annually. The United Kingdom is Denmark’s 5th largest trade partner. Denmark is ranked as the UK’s 23rd largest export market.

Video about how to start your import export business in Denmark:

If you need assistance, you could use The Danish Export Association.

The Danish Export Association is a private, non-profit association for the purpose of encouraging trade between Danish and foreign companies.

Danish Export Association operates by planning and executing export campaigns, often linked to international trade fairs and exhibitions, and by providing a forum for Danish exporters and foreign buyers.

Here you can read more about how to have a company in Denmark and how to start your own business in Denmark if you need help starting you exporting from Denmark business.

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