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Best Gyms in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark.

The three best Copenhagen gyms, Aarhus gyms and Gyms in Denmark in general are (these gyms are not listed in any particularly order):
Fitness World, and
    These Gyms in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark are all good.

    They all offer all the necessary services and installations to do weight lifting and also to do other activities like: aerobics, spinning, Zumba classes, Yoga classes, etc.

    Fitness world

    Fitness World A / S is a Danish chain of Gyms in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark. The Fitness World chain of gyms consists of 58 Gyms having in total more than 200,000 members. Fitness World is Denmark’s largest chain of gyms. Fitness World employs over 1,200 employees.

    Unlike other Gyms in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark, the Fitness World chain of gyms began at Gasværksvej at Copenhagen in 2005 selling memberships at low prices, memberships that could be terminated after a month. This caused the rest of the Denmark gyms to drop also their membership rates.

    In 2008 Fitness World bought Fitness world Sports Club chain, which included six gyms in Greater Copenhagen and North Zealand, and in September 2009 was Equinox Fitness bought by Fitness World, making Fitness world Denmark's largest chain of gyms. The other large chain of Gyms in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark is, which has only 38 centers.

    Fitness World is owned and founded by Henrik Rossing. Its director is Lyngbak Per Nielsen.

    This is the information that the Gyms in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark called Fitness World has on their website:

    Fitness World is a fitness chain in rapid development.

    Fitness World is Denmark's fastest growing and largest chain of gyms with 200,000 members.

    Our vision is to give as many people as possible a healthier life. We offer effective gyms with an informal and cozy atmosphere at a price everyone can afford and without having to bind themselves.

    In the gyms, we have large training areas with brand new equipment for both circuit-and strength training.

    For cardiovascular training, Fitness world has:
    • Treadmills
    • Ellipticals
    • Step machines
    • Bicycles
    • Ro-machines
    • Wave

    Our strength training area is also well equipped with lots of brand new exercise machines and a wide range of free weights, weight plates and barbells.

    If you are into class training, we can again offer a wide selection: Keep the Body Bike / Spinning, Pulse / Force, Boxing Training and Races where your fitness will improve.

    Would you also improve your strength and tone your muscles, we have teams like: BodyFit, Abdominal / Bale / Thighs, Tighten Up and Pilates.

    Want to increase your flexibility, we strongly recommend Yoga, but also options like Funk and Thai Boxing will challenge your agility and improve your coordination skills.

    We have free kids rooms in several gyms. These are mostly unsupervised. Seek for more detailed information on each gym in our website. Or drop by in one of our gyms and have a chat with one of our trained instructors.

    NO BINDING - with us you decide how long you will be a member.

    Fitness dk is Denmark's second largest chain of gyms with 40 centers across the country and is second in size only to Fitness World. The gyms have around. 120,000 members and employs 2,100 staff. In 2006 had a turnover of 315 million. kr

    The company was founded in 2001, and indfusionerede competitors Fine Form in 2005 and Hard Work Studio in 2006. has since 2006 been a 100% owned by Parken Sport & Entertainment A / S.

    Anders Hørsholt joined as chain CEO 1 February 2010.

    This is the information that the Gyms in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark called has on their website:

    More than training. Fitness dk is more than training. Therefore, the gyms often also provide childcare, café areas, sauna, solarium, massage and more.

    We have long opening hours and you can practice in all Fitness dk's Gyms in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark.

    About the gyms:

    All Fitness dk's gyms offer comprehensive training opportunities, and we are able to tailor a program for you, whether you want to lose weight, tighten up or just get in better shape.

    In we would like to give you great experiences having training as a focus. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of exciting training option of the highest quality.

    To ensure that you get the most out of your membership and reach your goals, we offer you free advice and guidance.

    Our instructors are professionally competent, and they will give you a motivational and proper training - whether you want to lose weight, tighten up or just want to get in shape.

    Training Opportunities at the Gyms in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark called
    • Weightlifting
    • Cardio
    • Class training
    • QUICK-team
    • Spinning
    • AQUA training
    • Zucchini
    • Mother / baby
    • Junior Training
    • Senior Training
    • Diet Fitness
    • Jogging
    • Personal Trainer


    Photo related to Gyms in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark by

    SATS is a Norwegian Gyms chain founded in 1995 and since expanded to the other Nordic countries through acquisitions of other Gyms in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

    SATS gyms chain has been a strong contributor to developing fitness industry and has a strong focus on everyone to exercise.

    SATS gyms vision is to improve people's lives by being a driving force for better health and increased well-being.

    SATS gyms provide, among other things, cycling / spinning, strength training in the studio, hours with an instructor in the saddle, and has a strong focus on monitoring and supervision of the members.

    In 2007, SATS was sold to Danish TrygVesta. They aim to own and develop businesses in the areas of health, safety and security in the Nordic countries and to support non-profit activities through TrygFonden.

    This is the information that the Gyms in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark called SATS has on their website:

    SATS is the leading Nordic gyms chain with over 140 gyms in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The majority (106 Gyms) is own 100 percent by SATS and the rest are operated under franchise and licensing basis. SATS gyms are found in approximately 30 cities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

    I have tried all these three Gyms in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark. I am currently a member of the gym in Denmark called Fitness world. But the other two Gyms in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark are also very good.

    There are many good reasons why to go to the fitness centers in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark, so the lack of quality shouldn't be an excuse.
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