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QUESTION: Which are the best Danish companies to work in Denmark according to Danish Students?

ANSWER: For me some of the best Danish companies to work in Denmark are: Vestas, Novo Nordisk, AP Moller – Maersk, Lego, or BCG. I could easily see myself working in any of these Danish companies.

I have already a Law degree and right now I am studying Sales and Marketing in Denmark. Because of my educational and professional background, I would like to work in any of these Danish companies in their Sales, Marketing or International Law departments.

According to an article (in Danish) in the Danish students find the following Danish companies as the most attractive where to work in Denmark:
  • Vestas,
  • Novo Nordisk,
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QUESTION: Best company (place) to work in Denmark?

ANSWER: There are many companies (places) were I would like to work in Denmark, but it seems that the best company to work in Denmark is Microsoft.

The reason why among all the companies in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark in general the best company to work (specially an IT company) is Microsoft is for the following:

It is constantly mentioned in the first places for the best companies to work in Denmark, according to the website: Great place to work

Best companies (places) to work in Denmark 2009
  1. Middelfart Sparekasse
  2. Roche Pharmaceuticals
  3. Frøs Herreds Sparekasse
  4. Creativ Company
  5. ATP
  6. Autisme Center Vestsjælland
  7. Bofællesskaberne Edelsvej, Esbjerg Kommune
  8. Microsoft Danmark
Best IT companies to work in Denmark 2009
  1. Microsoft Danmark
  2. Mjølner Informatics
Besides this I read an article in the newspaper Jyllands Posten regarding the company Microsoft as the best IT company for working Denmark (in the year 2009).

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QUESTION: Which should be my salary at my work in Denmark?

ANSWER: I found a program in Internet that lets you calculate your salary in Denmark.

Because life it is not perfect always, I have to inform you that this program is in Danish. But the good news is that is very, very, very simple to use.

You just need to fill 5 things that are in Danish, but I will translate them to you right now so it will be easier for you to choose the option that is right for you:

Jobtitler: This means the name of your work position
Områder: This means in which geographic area are you planning to work in Denmark
Uddannelseniveau: This is your level of education
Alder: This is your age
Erhvervserfaring: This is related to your years of working experience
Ledererfaring: This is regarding your years of experience as a leader.

The program is: Tjek din løn. This program is part of Jobindex, here is possible to find opportunities to work in Denmark.

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QUESTION: To work in Denmark, which are some of the bad things about it?

ANSWER: Of course there are some bad things about working in Denmark in general like: high taxes, stress at work in Denmark, different cultures working at the same place, the Danes can be reserve, the language barrier, etc but in general I will say that the positive things are more and better than the negative things at work in Denmark.

Regarding the bad things about working in Denmark, I think it is possible to live with them, for example:

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QUESTION: Work in Denmark, which are the reasons why to do it?

ANSWER: These are some of the reasons of why to work in Denmark

  • Denmark has an excellent working culture.
  • The unions have done a great job in giving the workers of Denmark very good working conditions.
  • Work in Denmark is 37 hours a week, and have right to 6 weeks of paid vacations a year.
  • Danish work places encourage mutual respect and a positive work environment.
  • The atmosphere with the colleagues at work in Denmark is really good 
  • It is nice to work in a place were everybody works there because they want to. People choose to work in Denmark because they want to and not for other external reasons or factors like economic and social status.
    • There are plenty international companies to work in Denmark.
    • It is possible to work in Denmark at some of the best companies in the world in their field. For example: Mærsk, Vestas, Carlsberg, Lego, ISS group, Novo Nordisk, Grundfos, Danisco, Arla, etc.
    • Everybody speaks English at work in Denmark.
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    QUESTION: Do I need Danish to work in Denmark?

    ANSWER: No.

    I have work in Denmark without knowing Danish at all.

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    QUESTION: My work interview at Maersk in Copenhagen, Denmark

    ANSWER: I was very happy when a company called Mærsk in Copenhagen, Denmark send me a letter asking me if I could go to their offices for a work interview.

    The day of the interview I was very nervous, of course.

    The work interview was very formal and she was very professional.

    The interview wasn’t very specific because I applied with an unsolicited work application.

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    QUESTION: Can I work in Denmark and become rich?

    ANSWER: Yes. It is possible to work in Denmark and become rich.

    Definitely it can be done. There are some who have done it.

    I was lucky to find out about the successful life in Denmark of Enan Galaly, because I can identify his working ambitions in life with mine. And if someone has done something, I believe I can do it also.

    Of course because our circumstances are different, I will never be like him and have what he has, but I will use his life as an example, to know that it is possible with hard work Denmark to achieve high professional and economic goals. I have read his biography and he is really and admirable person, not only for what he has achieve professionally, but also for his life style and mentality.

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    QUESTION: Is there any seasonal work in Denmark?

    ANSWER: I was doing some goggling and I found this opportunity for seasonal work in Denmark: Seasonal Denmark work

    I also found these 2 videos (they are in english) about this work.

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    QUESTION: Volunteer work in Denmark

    ANSWER: A new poll shows that every fourth Dane is willing to work in Denmark for free in order to get a foot in the employment door, reports Urban newspaper.

    I think is a great idea to offer yourself to do volunteer work in Denmark for a period of time. It is a great way to gain working experience.

    I have been looking for jobs and is always the same question they ask me: Do you have any working experience in our field? And my answer is always the same: No, but I am very willing to try very hard since the beginning to give the best results, and by the way I am a very fast learner. If you just give the opportunity to work with you, I can prove it.

    And of course, I never get the jobs I want.

    Here in Denmark is not used at all this method, actually is not well seeing for the companies if you offer yourself to work just for free or as a volunteer.

    But the rules of working in Denmark are changing with the financial crisis.

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    QUESTION: To work in Denmark with a holiday visa, is this the best option for me?

    ANSWER: If you only want to come as a tourist to visit your girlfriend and to see if you would like to live and work in Denmark or not in the future, the I inform you that you can do that for a maximum of 3 months.

    Denmark has made working holiday agreements with Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan and New Zealand.

    The working holiday programme makes it possible for young people from these countries to get a residence permit in order to stay in Denmark for an extended period of time.

    If you qualify for the working holiday programme, you can be granted a residence permit for a maximum of 12 months. The primary purpose of your stay must be holiday, but you may work Denmark during your stay in order to earn supplementary funds to support yourself.

    You are allowed to work in Denmark for a maximum of six months during a 12-month stay.

    You are also allowed to study or take a training course for a limited period of time.

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    hilly_45 said...

    I am currently studying Law at one of te universities in the UK. I'm thinking of doing EU LAW and after my second year of university i would like to do a volunteering work in Denmark for a year. Where should I apply for volunteering work?

    Leonardo said...

    Hi Hilly,

    The idea of participating in longer-term voluntary projects is relatively new in Denmark. Until recently, this type of volunteering been restricted to the social sector, and has been regarded more as a charitable act and less as an opportunity to obtain experience and enrich one’s skills and knowledge. Maybe the time has come to look at volunteering from a different angle? Find out more about opportunities to help others, while gaining knowledge and abilities, from the link below.
    Danish refugee aid - Voluntary work with immigrants in Denmark

    Good luck in your search for work in Denmark

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