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Danske Netbank

Danske NetBank is an Internet service that the Danske Bank offers for it's clients. I am already a customer of Danske Bank, therefore I use Danske Netbank a lot.
Actually because my Danish is not perfect, I prefer to use the english version of Danske NetBank, which is call Danske eBanking.

Danske NetBank and Danske eBanking are the same service, the difference is that Danske NetBank is in Danish and Danske eBanking is in English.

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With Danske NetBank or Danske eBanking, is possible to save a lot of time, by not having to go physically to the bank. Also it gives the opportunity here in Denmark, to actually do bank transactions, because the bank schedules are only from 09:00 to 16:00 hours Mondays to Fridays (Thursdays is until 18:00 hours).

With Danske NetBank or Danske eBanking it is possible to:
  • Pay your bills,
  • Transfer money,
  • Check your account balance,
  • Control your budget
  • Trade shares.

Also Danske NetBank or Danske eBanking offers a high level of security, although of course it is not 100% perfect, but still good enough. And in case of problems with security in your bank account at Danske NetBank or Danske eBanking it is always possible to contact 24/7 and 24 hours a day to the Danske Bank NetBank and explain what is your problem, and they will find a solution to it.

The best part is that Danske NetBank or Danske eBanking is free of charge.

Also with Danske NetBank it is possible to save some money. In my case I was surprise when some years ago I went to the Danske bank office to pay my bills and they told me that they will charge me with a fee to accept that I pay my bills with them. But in the other hand they informed that if I paid the same bills through my Danske NetBank or Danske eBanking then it was free of charge and I didn't had to be standing in the waiting line.

So, of course, I immediately started using my Danske Bank NetBank or Danske eBanking.

The only thing that is a little bit irritating with Danske NetBank is that Danske Bank gives you a key and one key only to your Danske NetBank, and that key (or user ID) can ONLY be assigned to one computer. This means that it is only possible to use Danske NetBank with my stationary computer. Of course, that if I wanted to use my laptop, I think it would be possible to copy the key (user ID) and paste it in my lap top and at the same time deactivated in my stationary computer.

There is a Danske NetBank film , made by Danske Bank, where is possible to learn more about the Danske NetBank.

There is also a Danske NetBank Demo made by Danske Bank.

Den Danske Bank also offers a service called Danske Bank 24/7 which it also includes Danske Bank Netbank or Danske eBanking but this one it is not totally free.

Danske Bank 24/7 
(This information comes from the Danske Bank website):

When you order Danske 24/7, you will have a salary account as well as a number of extra products.
  • An overdraft facility of DKK 20,000 with no set-up costs – may be raised subject to agreement with us
  • Visa/Dankort – no annual card fee
  • American Express® Card with a credit limit of DKK 10,000 and no annual card fee
  • Danske MasterCard Basis with a credit limit of DKK 10,000 and no annual card fee
  • An attractive interest rate on deposits and overdraft facilities
  • E-Boks, through which you will receive all mail sent electronically by the bank
  • Foreign currency cash exchange, with no transaction fee.
We assess your financial situation before we offer you Danske 24/7.

Opening an account at Danske Bank offers you several benefits. You can:
  • use the same PIN for all your Danske Bank cards
  • use our self-service tools – Saldoservice, Tast-selv-service and Danske Mobilbank
  • use Kortstop to block all Danske Bank payment and credit cards with a single call
  • and last but not least, you will of course receive personal advisory services upon request.
However, with Danske 24/7, you must pay a fee, for example when you make a withdrawal from a counter in one of our branches.

Order Danske 24/7
If you want to order Danske 24/7, all you have to do is book a meeting with an advisor.

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