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Sex partner in Copenhagen, Denmark.

How to find a sex partner in Copenhagen, Denmark? There is a great idea that the company Arriva had to be able to find a sex partner or “just a friend partner” in Copenhagen.

I am a man, and sorry but I don’t believe so much in friendship with the opposite sex, with out ending at some point in sex (This point of view is from the time a man is single obviously, because after one has a sentimental partner, then I definitely believe one should be faithful 100% no matter what).

Of course, it is possible. I mean I have some female friends, whom I like very much internally and externally, but there have never been any kind of intimacy or sex. But in general for us men, the sex thought with our female friends is always in our mind.

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And I know it is not only myself, because I have talked with many of my male friends and we agree. Also the other day I was listening to a radio program (you can also listen to it on the internet) called Mads og Monopolet and in that program they were discussing this same sex topic.

And it is because one girl from Copenhagen sent them a question for discussion on their panel (that’s what they do in that program they discuss openly the questions that the listeners send). They discuss the fact that this girl who had a boyfriend was planning to start meeting for conversations at a coffee place with a man she met in a party. He looks nice and interesting, we are only going to talk she said. Yeah right, like he is going to be thinking the same.

And something they said in the program that made me laugh it is that: that is why many girls have homosexual friends, because they can talk with them, without worrying about the sex part.

Anyway, I am writing this post, because I read an article that mentioned that the company Arriva who owns some busses in Copenhagen is going to locate some seats in their busses only for single people.

Bus seats the new pick-up spots 
(From the Copenhagen post)

Forget the personal ads – if you’re looking for love take the bus. As of today, transport company Arriva – which operates the lion’s share of bus routes in Greater Copenhagen – has begun a new campaign to make buses the new meeting place for singles.

According to the company, certain seats on the 1,000 or so buses Arriva operates in the area have been set aside as ‘kærlighedssæder’ (‘love seats’). Passengers who sit in the red-upholstered seats are indicating they are single, but would perhaps like to change that, said Arriva’s business development manager, Marianne Færch.

‘We want to shake up people's habits a bit and encourage more flirting and more smiles on our buses, she told MetroXpress newspaper. ‘Maybe some passengers will even find true love.’

Anyway I think is a good idea, especially as I mentioned to try to find a sex partner in Copenhagen. This is one more option to add to my previous post How to find and meet beautiful Danish women in Copenhagen and in Denmark?

And is also a great idea, because I think travelling in the busses in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Denmark in general is soooooooooooo boring, because nobody talks to each other.
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