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Part-time job in Aarhus, Denmark for a foreigner student, how can I get it?

I found this question on the web: How can I find a part-time job in Aarhus, Denmark?
As a foreign student, with some language problems, it is often difficult to find an appropriate job in Denmark. Is there any guy who knows some tips for foreign students for how to find a part-time job in Aarhus, Denmark, please share it?

Sure, I can try to help you with some tips of how to find a part-time job in Aarhus, Denmark as a foreign student.

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First of all, it is important for you to know that you are not alone, there are many, many, many foreigner students in your same situation (an also some Danish students).

It is especially hard to find part-time jobs in cities like Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense because they have big Universities on these cities. This means that from June to October there is a lot of competition among the foreigner students to get the part-time jobs.

Also it is important for you to know that you CAN get jobs without knowing the Danish language. Of course, it is harder, but only with English it still possible to get jobs in Denmark. I know plenty international students living in Aarhus and in Copenhagen that have gotten jobs only speaking English.

So don’t give up and keep trying (and of course the global financial crisis doesn’t makes it any easier)

The best ways to find a part-time job in Aarhus, Denmark are:
  • Go personally to deliver your CV
  • Use the vikar bureau
  • Through you social network
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You will have to concentrate your strengths in trying to find jobs in these areas:
  • Cleaning jobs (offices, hotels, houses, etc) (for the cleaning jobs try with a big Danish company called ISS)
  • Restaurant jobs (kitchen jobs, in the grill, as a waiter, etc)
  • In the factories
  • In construction
  • In the supermarkets
  • In companies like Ikea, Ilva, etc
  • In Post Danmark (delivering post in a bicycle)
  • Delivering advertising in the mail boxes of the houses
  • Seasonal work in Denmark
  • etc
A good advice it is to offer your self to work as a volunteer or trainee for some weeks, and then if they like how you work they can hire you in a permanent basis.

Also try harder in the period from November to December, to take advantage of the necessity of the stores for extra hands, because of the Christmas season sales.

Also try with a website called jobnet (it is the Danish government job portal) and look for the ones called hot jobs (these jobs doesn’t require any kind of training or skills of any type).

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I wish you the best of lucks in finding a work in Denmark
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evision said...

I have gone through this blog.I found it very intresting and helpful.Now a days I am doing my work from my home only.
And this blog is really doing great for me.And got extra income from my home.
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Leonardo said...

It’s good to hear that you find this blog helpful and interesting.
If you work from home or in any other place, that is great. The important thing it is to have a job and income. Cheers.

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